Becket Players - HELP US HELP THE KIDS


Based in Montreal, Quebec, The Becket Players is a federally chartered, long-standing, non-profit organization dedicated to advance public’s appreciation of the arts by providing the public with a high quality variety show with our proceeds going specifically for children’s needs. Over the past 42 years, we have raised over $3.5+ million dollars to help children, locally by supporting their medical, nutritional and educational needs.

Our 300+ volunteers make up the backbone of the Becket Players. Every single member of the Becket Players, from the set up crew, to the performers, and the Board of Governors that administer our organization, is an unpaid volunteer. In 2007, the Becket Players won the Accolades Award from the West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce for “Exceptional Community Involvement” and we continue to strive to be community conscious. In 2017 we won the National Merck award for “Neighbor of choice” for building strong and vibrant communities

Each spring we present a fabulous performance which combines theater, dancing, singing and a live band. Operating funds for the Becket Players are raised through ticket sales, advertisements in our program, refreshments sold at the performances, private donations, and generous sponsorship’s by a wide range of local businesses both large and small.

Our mission is to create an exceptional performance, have community involvement and to engage our community in the performing arts. Blessed with an ever-changing pool of volunteers, our performances are how we work to achieve that goal. The success we’ve had over the past 43 years and the millions of dollars in equipment contributions to children’s hospitals and charities speak for itself.